2021 review

Hey everyone – after a busy year, here is a little recap of what happened and what’s to come. We negotiated 5 laws this year:

  • ❤️‍🩹Recovery Fund: developed a new methodology for 256bn green spending 🍀💪
  • 👩‍💻Blue Card: turned into a tech visa (no degree needed) & allowed people to take ‘years’ towards long term residence to other EU countries & refugees to apply
  • 🏠 EU Asylum Agency: sadly no EU asylum status exists yet, but with the agency we strengthen rights / harmonize procedures across the EU
  • 💶 Budget 2022: Pushed for better EU institutions as lead negotiator. Always good to understand how the money flows
  • 📀 Data Governance Act: ensured that data intermediaries need to be neutral when trading data, to ensure trust and break oligopolies

So, a good year for law making! 📣 thanks to the best team Kamilla, Rina, Jo and Johannes for this work! Next year will be equally busy.

  • 🗳 EU Electoral law: continue to push for voting age 16, a second vote for European lists, and gender equality!
  • 🗣 Future conference: it’s a bit opaque, but hey, it’s a chance to demand treaty change with citizens
  • 🤖 AI report: shape the parliaments perspective on AI!
  • 📀 Data Act: who can monetize data in automated cars (manufacturer, user, both?), if governments are allowed to ask Google to disclose traffic data, etc
  • 👷‍♀️ Labour migration: Blue Card was a good start, but now it’s about more EU mobility & rights for all migrant workers
  • 🏰 Asylum: people are still suffering at the walls of fortress Europe – I will continue to push for a more humane system, also within the Crisis Regulation (basically for if 2015 repeats itself).

Thanks to all Volters, volunteers, voters, critics & friendly companions 🙏🏼

@VoltEuropa is growing, we are in 2 national parliaments (The Netherlands & Bulgaria), have 18 parties across EU & +70 local reps 💪

Next: running in 2024 ON ALL EU COUNTRIES as a truly European party

Have a good break everyone, recreate your energies and enjoy the food!!