History is in the Making

“Fix the EU” was Volt’s first promise during the 2019 elections. Back then many said that opening the treaties would be impossible – Well, yesterday we proved them wrong.

We voted on proposals to amend the treaties on committee level – to forward them to the plenary in November. Then the European Council has to take a vote whether to open a convention to discuss changes to the treaties – or not (according to Art 48).

This makes me incredibly happy and proud! Our Union needs reform, not only because of enlargement, but because its ability to act is flawed. Just look at our foreign policy messaging on Israel/Palestine or Orban’s handshake with Putin to block budget support for Ukraine – to name just the examples of the last week!


We as Volt would have liked a more ambitious proposal for change: What’s on the table would be an improvement, but many of the core flaws of the EU are not addressed. I therefore submitted a range of amendments to the draft, but due to the delicate political balance of the text, they didn’t pass.

But I am happy I could anchor them as the correct level of ambition  for the convention. This builds on my work over the last years during the Conference on the Future of Europe, the electoral law (transnational lists) and as coordinator for all constitutional matters for my faction.

I proposed to:

  • Establish the United Federation of Europe, a Prime Minister that heads the ministers of the EU, such as a Foreign Affairs Minister, Defense Minister, and Finance Minister
  • Give parliament the right to propose laws, remove individual ministers and propose and decide on the government
  • Abolish the European Council as an anachronistic shadow body looming behind many decisions today
  • Turn the Council into a European Senate, consisting of two elected representatives of nations (or regions) to safeguard subsidiarity with a clear deadline for its work


  • Introduce a standing European Youth and Citizen Committee to be consulted on a regular basis on a wide range of issues

The rise of nationalism and populism can only be countered if we dare more democracy. It’s high time we change, otherwise change might not be too gracious with us.

Parliament knows this and acts now.

Today is a good day for Europe. In a time when it’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, we can pave the way for a better, common European future. We need a bold vision since Europe needs bold reform.

I hope you are excited as I am about these news and wish you a great Thursday!

Yours, Damian