How the German government interferes with our basic democratic rights

A guest article by  Damian Boeselager

Things could get tight for small parties in future European elections: There is a threat of the introduction of a two-percent hurdle – although the EU Parliament functions differently from most national parliaments.

This week, the traffic light coalition, with the approval of the CDU and CSU, presented a new law for the European elections that provides for the introduction of a two-percent hurdle perhaps from 2024, but at the latest from 2029. The difference between the European election and the state and federal elections could not be greater in this matter. It is not for nothing that the Federal Constitutional Court has already overturned such attempts twice. Because the argument of fragmentation simply does not hold in the European Parliament.

A percentage hurdle is always the first step in an intervention in our democracy. Votes are declared invalid and excluded from the political decision-making process. At the state and federal level, we justify this intervention with the argument that too many small parties would make precisely this formation of wills too difficult.

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