The ex-McKinseyian who wants to change Brussels with his micro-party

In Brussels, ex-McKinsey consultant Damian Boeselager is considered to be as tenacious as he is knowledgeable about the law. Why does someone like him sacrifice a lucrative career for the small party Volt? An encounter. Read the full article here:

How traffic lights interfere with our basic democratic rights

A guest article by  Damian Boeselager Things could get tight for small parties in future European elections: There is a threat of the introduction of a two-percent hurdle – although the EU Parliament functions differently from most national parliaments. This week, the traffic light coalition, with the approval of the CDU and CSU, presented a […]

EU starts negotiations on single and long-term residence permits

The European Parliament on Thursday (20 April) voted in favour of starting interinstitutional negotiations on directives for single and long term permits to reside and work in an EU country, to speed up application procedures for third-country nationals. The directive proposes a single permit that people who are legally in the EU or have been granted international […]

How the EU could become more attractive for skilled workers

How can the EU attract more skilled workers? As part of the reform of the asylum and migration system, the European Parliament also calls for measures to facilitate legal migration. Europe is ageing, populations are shrinking – and the trend has dramatic consequences for the labour market. In Germany and other EU countries, numerous sectors […]