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What’s happening?

One of the bodies of the EU is soon going to be headed by the corrupt Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. Orbán is famous for stealing EU money and giving it to his friends, for undermining his own elections, and for turning his country more and more into an autocracy.

For the EU, he has been extremely harmful, because he uses his veto to blackmail all other EU countries constantly.

This man cannot represent us Europeans. This man cannot be our president.

The body he is supposed to take charge of is the rotating Presidency of the Council. This presidency changes every 6 months. At the moment, Belgium is heading it, but not for much longer.

On July 1st, Orbán is supposed to take it over. We can’t allow this to happen! It’s time we put a stop to the bully and face him.

Can my signature change anything?

Yes, politicians (outside of Hungary) still care when many citizens come together and voice a clear demand.

With your signatures and those of other Parliamentarians I will send a letter to the man responsible for coordinating this system, President Charles Michel, asking him to suspend the Hungarian Presidency! You can find the letter here: